Discovery Center opens ‘From Here to There,’ new exhibit featuring hovercraft and hot air balloon

VIDEO: Discovery center opens ‘From Here to There,’ new exhibit featuring hovercraft and hot air balloon

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Don Harrington Discovery Center is introducing ‘From Here, to There,’ a brand new exhibit all about transportation, flight and travel.

Kids will learn how planes fly and ships sail, and even get the chance to levitate on a fully floating hovercraft.

“With this exhibit, you can actually sit on the hovercraft and move around,” explains Kyle Hadley, director of education and exhibits for DHDC. “We explain all about how that works, how it can go over different trains, unlike most vehicles, so its a lot of fun.”

The entire exhibit is interactive, featuring hands-on experiments that are fun for all ages.

“With this exhibit, there’s a lot of air stuff involved,” said Hadley. “There’s a hot air balloon, there’s how plains fly... but there’s also a really cool experiment where you just stick balls in and it’s shot across the ceiling. Anything that moves is a lot of fun.”

DHDC hopes this exhibit provides community members of all ages an escape during a time they may be stuck at home.

“I personally like this exhibit because its something that a lot of us don’t get to do right now. We don’t get to travel as much. We don’t get to take planes and trains and drive everywhere,” said Hadley. “So this exhibit sort of opens up that and allow you to see how those actually work so that hopefully when we do get to travel again... you can know more about what you’re on and what you’re doing.”

The Discovery Center is also hoping the interactive components of the exhibit will spark scientific curiosity in kids.

“I just hope that it sparks the curiosity in them. It inspires something for them to continue to look beyond,” explained Hadley. “The hovercraft is a fun activity here, but there’s so many things online that you can do with an old CD... you can take a CD disk, a straw, and a balloon and create your own hovercraft. So there’s a lot of things like that where we can do this all at home.”

The new exhibit is in conjunction with their current ‘Maker Metropolis’ exhibit, about construction and machine building.

‘From Here, to There’, will open Friday to the public, including a special extending time event for members only.

Visit their website for admission ticket purchases and information.

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