On the Radar: Dumas linebacker, Bushland softball and volleyball player


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Three area athletes are taking their talents to college next year, each having their own motivations on why they play the sport.

Cade Cox is a major part of why Dumas’s defense has been so dominant all season.

He is one of those ‘cover every blade of grass’ linebackers with two first team all district awards and one second team all state in his resume.

The recent offers coming his way have been dreamed about since he was young.

“I want to play football at a division one level. That has been my goal since I was a little kid, I didn’t really think I’d be where I am today. I just kept working hard and it payed off,” said Cade Cox, middle linebacker for the Dumas Demons.

Cox hopes to stay local and play for West Texas A&M University.

The next athlete On the Radar will be playing for WT next Fall and is a big reason Bushland won a volleyball state title this year.

Kinley Rudder was nominated as the Player of the Year and her head coach calls her one of the best he’s ever seen.

What motivates the right side hitter day in and day out are the people on the court with her.

“They taught me how to be a better leader, how to work hard, how not everything is going to be given to you, how if you have your mindset on something, you have to fight and push for it, it’s not going to be handed to you,” said Kinley Rudder, right hitter for the Bushland volleyball team

That competitive mindset is why she chose volleyball over other sports.

“I am a very competitive person, I like things to be fast paced, I don’t want there to be a slow part, it is just boring to me I guess, but volleyball, I guess you don’t know what’s going to happen, you’re always on your toes moving,” said Rudder.

Another Bushland star plans on continuing her softball career locally.

She has received nine total offers from division one and two schools.

Sydnee Stewart wants to to play locally at Clarendon and a big reason why is her grandfather.

“He has been around softball for a while and has pushed me through everything and has made me feel like I can do anything, and so I want to go as far as I can to show him I appreciate his help,” said Sydnee Stewart, center fielder for the Bushland softball team.

Stewart says her grandpa got her through the tough games she’s had in her high career.

She plans on transferring to one of the best schools for softball, Tarleton University, in a year or two.

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