Amarillo animal shelters in need of pet fosters this holiday

Here are the trends shelters are seeing right now.

VIDEO: Pet adoptions are up but pet fosters are down

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Pet adoptions have been steady, but with the pandemic and as Christmas approaches, shelters are seeing a decrease in pet fostering.

Texas Panhandle Pet Savers are seeing anywhere between 10 to 15 animals being adopted every week.

Without people fostering pets, it makes it harder for shelters to rescue stray pets because of the overload of animals at the shelter.

“Our pet adoptions have increased actually over the past month. As far as them actually finding good homes and good fits, again the fostering is just a decline, you know, it hasn’t really increased any like you would think, people wanting to help. We really thought with the pandemic we would have more people willing to foster because they were going to be home, but unfortunately we never saw that trend happen,” said Stacia Merriett, adoption specialist and board member at Gracie’s Project.

Amarillo animal shelters do not have the capability to take any more pets in without more people fostering.

“Holidays are real, real particular for fostering, even throughout the rest of the year, I mean, fostering is normally one of the biggest things. We get calls a hundred times a day can you take this pet, can you take this pet. Even though we’d love to take every animal in, it’s hard,” said Tim Wolske, Texas Panhandle Pet Savers representative.

“I would say, you know, there’s always a need, but you know the need during the holidays and with the pandemic have really, you know people cannot economically take care of their animals anymore so they try to re-home them or they throw them out on the street. We’ve gotten several in the past couple months that have just been dumped... I think the pandemic has caused that, also the holidays cause that,” said Merriett.

Amarillo animal shelters hope to see an increase in fostering pets after the holidays because people will have more time to take care of the animals.

“Normally they do because you know with holidays, thanksgiving, Christmas, even the new year, families are coming in or some people are trying to travel to see families. So yeah, I think after that, I think we should see an increase,” said Wolske.

During the holidays, many typically adopt smaller pets for gifts, usually leaving the bigger and older dogs without homes during the holidays.

Fostering a pet is temporary and most shelters provide everything for the pet, the only thing the individual must do is give the time to take care of the pet.

To find out how to foster a pet through Gracie’s Project, you can find their application here.

You can foster a pet for Texas Panhandle Pet Savers by applying here.

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