Northside Toy Drives next steps up until giveaway on December 19

If you missed the Northside Toy Drive last week, there are still ways to give back.

VIDEO: Northside Toy Drives next steps up until giveaway on December 19

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Northside Toy Drive ended last week, but they are now preparing for the toy giveaway that is less than a month away.

The Northside Toy Drive collected over 2,300 toys last week during their toy drive and exceeded their $20,000 goal in donations to purchase gifts for Amarillo children in need of Christmas presents this year.

Every year, more and more Amarillo children in need of presents for the holiday season attend the giveaway, but this year with the pandemic affecting many families, the drive expects more children than ever.

“You know, last year we helped, we probably helped 2,600 to 2,700 kids last year. And what we know is that the need is going to be much greater this year. So, we’re expecting there’s going to be a greater number than that, you know, maybe 3,000, 4,000 kids,” said Bowden Jones Jr., Northside Toy Drive secretary.

Next steps for the organization include buying toys with the donations received.

“Then also we will be logistically working on where we’re going to have the actual giveaway, how we’re going to do the giveaway, how we’re going to it safely and be able to provide for needy children,” said Jones.

Last week, the community supported the Northside Toy Drive outside Firstbank Southwest, and the drive collected over 2,300 toys and over $20,000 in donations.

C.C. Combs, a board member on the drive tells us about the excitement he sees each year when the children receive their gifts.

“A lot of the kids, you know when they see the toys, you know, a lot of kids are excited about every toy that they get. Now, when they walk through, you know, they’re going to pick through probably about five or six toys and then they’re going to find a toy that they’re actually wanting. So, you know, the excitement is there and they’re for the ones that’ll be helping which are going to be our volunteers, you will be very excited to see the laughter, and the joy and the smile on their faces when they’re there,” said C.C. Combs, Northside Toy Drive board member.

At past giveaways, children would line up, pick out a toy, then meet with their parents to receive lunch.

“We would like, you know, reach out our thanks from the board members and the rest of the community, to say thank ya’ll, God bless and continue to keep giving to the Northside Toy Drive,” said Combs.

If your family is in need of gifts this year for children ages two to 12, more information will be posted on their website.

Look out on the Northside Toy Drives social media for updates closer to the day. Here’s the Northside Toy Drives Facebook and Instagram.

The community is still invited to give back up until the giveaway on December 19.

You can drop off toys at 13 different locations in Amarillo. You can find the Northside Toy Drives 2020 drop off locations closest to you, here.

You can also give a donation online through PayPal, Cashapp or provide cash or check.

If wanting to volunteer on the giveaway day, lookout on the Northside Toy Drives social media for a sign-up sheet, coming soon.

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