A nurses parent delivers thousands of goody bags to Amarillo nurses

VIDEO: A nurses parent delivers thousands of goody bags to Amarillo nurses

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) -Thousands of bags filled with snacks, coupons, and thank you notes have been delivered to nurses in our area. Today alone 3,000 were delivered to Northwest Texas Hospital.

The parents of a nurse at BSA organized the deliveries after seeing how exhausted their daughter has been after long shifts. They say they were helping her as much as they could but decided to extend that helping hand to her fellow health care workers.

They tapped into their community and ended up putting together 22 hundred bags for nurses at BSA.

However, they didn’t want to stop there, they called their community again and the response was overwhelming, with 3,000 for Northwest and 500 for the health department and ambulance companies.

“So, it has taken, as you hear all the time, a village, and it certainly has,” says Susan Young, mother of the BSA nurse and coordinator of deliveries “And we live in such a wonderful area. They are very generous and giving and they know when to step up and help. We wanted the medical community to know that there are people who genuinely care about them and their welfare and we are just so thankful for them.”

The Chief Nursing officer at Northwest Texas, Patti Thompson, says any kind of thank you, whether it’s in the form of a social media post or a handwritten letter, goes a long way for the nurses.

“Unfortunately, there are some days were its even difficult for them to get away to the cafeteria to go get food. At nights our cafeteria closes at nine, so any kind of community outreach has gone a long way with the staff,” says Thompson

She says nurses are currently working 14 hour shifts with a virus that has changed their job because they are not only taking care of the patients but are also often the only human connection for them, which can also take a mental toll.

“A lot of these nurses know these patients or family members of the patients that are in here which makes it much more difficult,” says Thompson “We have had a lot of death, we have seen more patients die at Northwest in the last six months than we have had in a long long time so that really does add to the stress.”

Aside from the notes and snacks, she says there are other ways of helping the nurses and community.

“For the community to wear their masks, that really does help, just everybody keeps their mask on, keep everybody safe,” said Thompson

Susan echoed the nurse’s plea and says for now, her and her husband will continue to do these deliveries to other health facilities.

She adds they are just trying to move through the community and touch as many people as they can.

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