GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave reports back of past Good News stories with updates

VIDEO: GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave reports back of past Good News stories with updates

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - I have been focusing on positive stories lately, and this week I have an update on a couple of those stories where the news just seems to be getting better.

A few weeks ago, I reported on a campaign to purchase outstanding medical debt in the Amarillo area, but instead of collecting on the debt, it is simply forgiven.

Thanks to donors in our area of the campaign, it was a huge success.

“When we wrapped up our inaugural campaign with Rest in Peace Medical Debt. We were able to raise enough money to acquire $1.3 million in local medical debt, which for 728 residents of Potter and Randall County,” says Josh Butler, at Butler Benefits and Consulting “So, that averaged out to about $1800 per person was the debt that we were able to acquire and forgive.”

Hundreds of residents in our area burdened with medical debt unexpectedly received a letter telling them that they no longer owed any money.

“Rest in Peace Medical Debt, nonprofit organization sends each personal recipient out a letter that basically says whatever amount, we acquired in their name has been forgiven. And we don’t know who these people are,” said Butler “But they, Rest in Peace Medical Debt knows who they are, they send the letters out.”

The campaign was so rewarding that plans are already in the works for a similar endeavor in this next year.

“I can only assume and with this many people that have been affected by COVID, that there’s going to be a lot of unpaid medical bills out there in our community, so we are planning another campaign in 2021,” said Butler.

I would definitely have information on the kind that you could donate and participate in next year’s campaign when that time comes. Now I have an update on Hunsley, our special courageous little friend who I recently reported on in Happy.

Christmas came early to Happy Texas this year, really early in the first week of October, to be exact.

That’s because the community jumped in to fulfill the wish of Hunsley, the six-year-old who wanted to see Christmas decorations before having to spend several months in Minnesota for treatment of a rare blood disorder, including a bone marrow transplant.

I checked on the family this week, and the news is good.

Hunsley completed chemo this week, and the bone marrow transplant yesterday that went very well.

It will be a long haul but Hunsley right now is recovering and in good spirits.

The family had asked you to join them in prayer, and there is a GoFundMe page called Faith Over Fear: Hope for Hunsley if you care to support the cause.

There seems to be plenty of good news around, and I love reporting it.

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