Amarillo woman makes blankets for homeless veterans

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) -Today 20 homeless veterans will spend a warmer night thanks to the donation of a member of the Amarillo Fire Department (AFD).

With a lot of yarn, love and donations from hear coworkers, Kim, who works in the administration office at the AFD has been knitting blankets and stacking them up for months in anticipation of Veterans Day. Yesterday, she teamed up with the nonprofit Homeless Heroes to hand them out.

blankets for the homeless
blankets for the homeless (Source: KFDA)

“There’s a lot of love in each one of these blankets so we’re excited to hand 20 of them out,” said Tiffaney Belflower, founder of Homeless Heroes. “I think that any kind of love that you can share with others, specially a veteran who have done so much for us. A lot of them sacrificed their lives, they’ve been gone, they were overseas, sacrificed their family, time with their loved ones to do things for us.”

For the last four years, Homeless Heroes has also been providing care packages for homeless veterans. These are backpacks with hats, gloves, hand and feet warmers, sweatshirts, gift certificates, toiletries and much more.

Unfortunately, this year because of COVID-19, they had some shipping delays so, the blankets came at the right time.

For Army veteran Paul Proctor, receiving these acts of kindness makes him feel greatly appreciated.

“This will keep me warmer at night,” said Proctor. “Apparently these are homemade so, someone pitched in, and I appreciate it.”

Kim preferred not to be interviewed, saying this day is all about, the veterans.

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