GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave introduces a new member of the Newschannel10 family

VIDEO: GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave introduces a new member of the Newschannel10 family

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - You’ve probably noticed that I enjoy what I do. And there’s a lot of things that Newschannel10, I get excited about.

But I’m not the only one, Joey, an honorary team member here at Newschannel 10, like most nine year old’s Joey is full of life, likes having fun and wearing costumes.

He was Willy Wonka for Halloween, but Joey is autistic and struggles in the area of communication.

“Sometimes, when you have autism you kind of like are to yourself, tears sell unexpectedly,” says Joey’s mother, Andrea Smith.

Unexpectedly, Joey suddenly developed an interest in the TV news business, especially NewsChannel10.

“Immediately when he saw me he ran over, grabbed the microphone out of my hands. And the rest is history. He didn’t want to give it up. He wanted to talk and talk and talk, which for him at the time was kind of unusual. And we just developed such a great friendship,” says Newschannel10 Anchor, Cassie Stafford.

This encounter led to an invitation for Joey to come to the studio at NewsChannel10, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Now he comes for occasional visits where he seems to come alive and has really developed an interest and passion for the technical aspects of the TV business.

“I want to be the camera man,” says Joey.

Joey’s parents explain how his excitement for TV has led to positive growth in his ability to express himself, and to communicate.

“I’ve seen like a growth in interest in the news and growing interest, I think he’s like being more aware of his surroundings and like helps him open up to see there’s things going on around, but he’s starting to open up to like seeing the world. And like things like experiences like this really helped him outgrow his like that shell, the shells coming off little by little,” says Andrea.

“Special needs that I mean, you know, accomplish his passions and and do something awesome, you know, just because he’s not gonna let that keep him from doing what he wants to do, and what he has dreams to do so,' says Father of Joey, Nate Smith.

”He’s one of us he’s just a part of the team," says Cassie.

I think Joey is an awesome guy and I believe he will be joining our team one of these days. For Joey, a future spot on the Newschannel10 team will be natural. He is already spreading the good news.

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