Nonprofits launch pilot programs focused on women with disabilities

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - After noticing how low cancer screenings rates are for women with disabilities compared to women without disabilities, Leticia Goodrich, founder and executive director of Panhandle Breast Health reached out to Uniting Parents to try and close the gap.

“I said, oh my goodness, how could I not been looking at this particular group of women,” said Goodrich. “Evidence based, health and wellness programs have demonstrated to be quite effective with this population and improving health.”

After getting a grant, they decided to develop two pilot programs.

One, with a focus on women 40 years and older to provide them with training and education about breast cancer detection and understanding breast health.

“I’m going to be teaching them to know what risks they can control and what risks they cannot,” said Goodrich. “How to get screenings, what the screening guidelines are and I’m going to tell them that there are services available to help them, they need to know also about being self-aware.”

For the second one, uniting parents will focus on parents of young girls ages 12 to 20 with developmental delays to get them the appropriate education regarding puberty and normal body development.

“How to appropriately visit with them and talk to them about this topic, knowing that this topic is something that they’re gonna' have to continuously teach," said Maria Garcia, program director of Uniting Parents. “Because they might not get it the first time around. The language, the vocabulary, what’s happening to their bodies.”

The nonprofits have started to reach out to other programs about implementing the curriculum and hope the city COVID-19 status changes soon so they can start teaching.

For more information about the programs, contact Leticia Goodrich with Panhandle Breast Health at 806-236-4593 or

Or contact Maria Garcia with Uniting Parents at 806-337-1700, ext. 212 or at

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