Wintry Mix Continues

We’ve likely already hit our high for the day, as we’ll see very little variation in our temperatures as 23 is the warmest we’ll see. Some sleet with thunder mixed in rolled through early this morning, and you can expect sleet, freezing rain and snow to be a possibility all across the region as we go throughout the day. In terms of what form of precip you can expect, snow is looking to stay up towards the northwest, transitioning to sleet, then freezing rain the further south you go. As of right now, expect accumulations of about 1-6″ depending on where you’re at.

Wind chills today will make it feel like we’re down in the single digits, and chances for wintry mix continues throughout the first half of this week. For this morning, unless you absolutely have to be somewhere, it’s probably best to stay off the roads, as conditions are very icy and slick.