GOOD NEWS: Weather team gets new storm chase vehicle

VIDEO: GOOD NEWS: Weather team gets new storm chase vehicle

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Weather in our area is rarely quiet. In fact, it’s very interesting the majority of the time.

Kind of like we are witnessing tonight, we experience sudden changes frequently, some that which can be abrupt and dramatic.

In extreme events, our weather can be destructive and may even become life threatening.

The responsibility of your First Alert storm track team is to track all of that, to forecast it in advance to give you an early lead time and to cover breaking weather events in detail so that you know what is happening around you and you can make informed decisions and plans.

I think we have the best storm coverage when we are right out in the mist with all the elements, where we can know and document exactly what’s going on out there.

The First Alert vehicle will take that to a whole new level.

The brand new vehicle is equipped with a brand new camera and video streaming technology that will allow us to penetrate major weather events, and visually show you what is threatening, and then track those developments minute by minute.

“Well Dave I am really excited about the First Alert Weather Atlas. It’s the first of it’s kind in Amarillo. It’s got a camera mounted on top of it, looks super cool, but the best thing is, we’re gonna be able to drive down the road, through the storms, we don’t have to hold the camera. We can just stream it back to the station,” said Brent McClure, general manager at Newschannel 10.

The top mounted high definition camera is controlled from within, and provides a full 360 degree pan along with a vertical tilt so we can monitor the entire field view.

Go Pro camera’s provide forward and rear facing views, all of which are available to stream with a punch of a button on a mobile switcher.

“We call it Weather Atlas, because it’s not just severe weather. We are gonna go out all the time in this thing and you know, just talking, your excited, your teams excited and so, we’re super excited that we’re able to bring this super technology to the market place,” said McClure.

With the roof camera is also equipped with an array of lights, which will allow us an execute live reports, even during serious weather events occurring at night.

This allows 24/7 capability to stream back video information and to keep you informed.

“Our viewers should be really excited, because they are going to be able to see live streaming video coming straight from the weather atlas,” said McClure.

The new First Alert Weather Atlas could be deployed for coverage in just a few days with our potential first round of winter weather for the season.

Of course, your entire First Alert storm track team here in Newschannel 10 is passionate about getting out and tracking storms and keeping you safe, but right now I have the keys.

Now that’s some good news.

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