$3.4 million project new fire station, number 5 under budget and ahead of schedule

The proposition 2 project for the new fire station 5 facility is close to being finished.

VIDEO: Amarillo Fire station number 5 almost complete under budget and ahead of schedule

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Fire station number five is the last of three new stations in Amarillo being built.

Fire station three and nine are the most recent new firehouses in Amarillo, the new one will resemble those two fire houses.

Fire station five crew members have been stationed at the old fire station nine building as their new facility is under construction.

“About a year ago, not quite a year ago we moved, we built the new fire station number nine. Their previous location was at 34th and Western. So, when those guys moved into their new station, that left that station open. So, the guys from station five have since moved into the old station nine. They’re running calls out of there as station five until the one behind me opens,” said Sgt. Cody Snyder, Amarillo Fire Department PIO.

The proposition two project was voter approved back in 2016.

The new facility is located at 3200 South Washington.

The $3.4,000,000 project is under budget by almost a half a million dollars.

“This station will be able to accommodate large ladder trucks coming in here. Plus, some additional rigs, even grass rigs if they want too,” said Jerry Danforth, director of facilities and capital projects in the city of Amarillo.

The previous station built back in the 50′s required a lot of maintenance and repairs.

The station also needed more space, new features and more equipment.

“A two-company station basically is the number of men that they have and the amount of equipment they have. The previous station just had two bays that were small, almost residential bays, barley big enough for a firetruck to set in. It was one of the smaller fire trucks," said Mr. Danforth.

With more space comes more staff.

“The personnel to fill this was approved by city bond and it’s already been approved, promotions are going to be made and new hires are going to be made also to fill the personnel that we need to add the second truck,” said Sgt. Snyder.

New features will be included and changed for safety reasons.

“You’ll notice that the way this building is constructed is the angle of the garages. This allows the fire department to bring their trucks in from the back side at an angle to reduce the turning radius’s, but it also allows, when they exit onto Washington, for them to have almost a 45 degree turnout instead of a 90 degree turnout which increases their response time and increases the safety of their vehicles,” said Mr. Danforth.

Once equipment is moved in, AFD is hoping to start making calls out of the new station by early March.

“With this one adding another company, it just helps protect the city. The neighborhoods have been expanding, the populations been expanding. So, adding that second truck to this station in one of our busier parts of town, it’s beneficial to the public,” said Sgt. Snyder.

The completion of this project is almost two years ahead of schedule with plans to be finished by February 2021.

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