Amarillo City Council creates new committee with goals for racial unity and equity in city

The group expects to meet within the next 2 to 3 weeks with objectives on which projects to take on.

VIDEO:A new program called the Task Force for Greatness is a committee the Amarillo City Council has put together with the primary goal for racial unity and equity in the city.

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Task Force for Greatness is a committee the Amarillo City Council has put together to benefit the community by tackling different issues in Amarillo.

The committee on this task force will work together as a team and listen to each other’s ideas on how to make the city better on social justice issues, equity issues and ant other problems that come about.

This committee came about when the conversation about social justice issues, racial equity issues and other problems came about nationally.

The group’s vision is to address those issues locally and work on them.

“I felt like this was something that our city needed to do was form a unity committee to start seeing what we can do within our entire city of Amarillo to focus on some different projects,” said Freda Powell, councilmember for the city of Amarillo.

Councilmember Freda Powell and Mayor Ginger Nelson came up with the idea with the Council members support.

“We had a lot of individuals that were nominated to be on this committee, so as the committee moves forward, it’s going to take a lot more people to help with the projects,” said Powell.

“I think there will be many opportunities for this committee to have subcommittees as they work on, I think one issue they want to work on pretty quickly is finding a way to honor Dr. Martin Luther King in our city,” said Ginger Nelson, Mayor for the city of Amarillo.

“Dr. King believed in bringing people together and trying to unite for a cause and to be able to resolve issues,” said Powell.

So far, 16 members have accepted and the council waiting on one more response to create a strong group of 17 Amarillo citizens to represent the task force.

“We have been working with nominations suggested by all council members to identify participants in the task force for greatness. Much like many of the committees that we have appointed recently, we’ve made sure that this is as reflective of our community as we can make it; from every standpoint that we can find. From a racial standpoint, from a geographic standpoint, from gender standpoint. We have committed every represented of our community,” said Jared Miller, Amarillo city manager.

The title of the program comes from city’s mission to create the best possible environment for every Amarillo resident to find and achieve their potential for greatness.

“When you bring people together from all different neighborhoods, they have an opportunity to not only meet each other, learn about the resources that each individual has, but they can come together and work together and be able to get projects completed,” said Powell.

Dr. James Tudman is the chair of the committee along with Christar Heavenbills as vice chair. They have both accepted the positions they were nominated for.

The group will decide on long-and short-term projects to work on once they meet.

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