'Something fun, something that feels normal’: Amarillo pumpkin patches experience boost in sales

'Something fun, something that feels normal’: Amarillo pumpkin patches experience boost in sales

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Our Amarillo pumpkin patches are crediting their boost in sales this year to having a business people can feel safe coming too.

Howard Farms Pumpkin Patch sales have increased to 25 percent, compared to last year.

“I know a lot of places have been hurt by COVID, this is one of the happy stories where you can do normal things even though COVID is still going on,” said Beth Grady, manager at Harold Farms Pumpkin Patch.

Grady says the increase of sales is coming from first-time and repeat pumpkin shoppers this year.

She says people are coming to her business due to feeling safe.

“I definitely think the fact that you can be here and social distance and feel safe is a part of why people are coming out. We see people in little huddles in two or three as a family but you know they’re 20 to 30 feet even further away from other people. It is just kind of a nice open space to come and feel like you’re going to be okay and life’s okay for now,” said Grady.

“I want to come here because there’s less people, you aren’t really near people,” said Selena Luna, a pumpkin patch attendee.

Grady believes that people wanted to experience something normal, something that is fun and safe to experience.

“People started shopping earlier because there was a pent up for something fun, something that feels normal,” said Grady.

For the first time since Howard Farms Pumpkin Patch opened 20 years ago, they’ve extended their hours.

To allow people to see, they’ve invested in a $1,000 light that lights up the entire pumpkin patch.

The pumpkin patch closes two hours later than usual.

Some local United Supermarkets says they have also seen a boost in pumpkin sales.

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