Equity Fund to provide resources to communities of color, benefit 'Amarillo as a whole’

VIDEO: Equity Fund to provide resources to communities of color, benefit 'Amarillo as a whole’

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Amarillo Area Foundation has officially launched their equity fund aimed at providing resources to neighborhoods of color across Amarillo.

The fund was created after people in the community began learning about racial inequality and reached out to the foundation asking how they can help.

The AAF then met with the NAACP to hear what communities such a North Heights, Los Barrios and others really needed.

“So in our conversations with the neighborhoods and the NAACP and Los Barrios, they kind of outlined some development things they would need in their community,” said Broc Carter, AAF’s director of marketing. “There’s a real need for leadership and professional development skills [and] scholarships for students in communities of color.”

This fund is the first of its kind in many ways.

This is the first time outside donors are contributing and helping make decisions for the foundation, but it’s also the first time grant money will be decided by the communities themselves.

Each community will have a private representative, who will decide where the money will best be used within their neighborhood.

The foundation believes that by providing minority communities with additional resources, it will benefit the entire Amarillo community.

“As this money is funneled through our community that we can provide something the residents can be proud of and that other people in Amarillo can be proud to have as part of their city,” said Melodie Graves, Amarillo United Citizens Forum board president. “We’re trying to enrich all of the smaller communities in Amarillo as a means of enriching Amarillo as a whole.”

The Amarillo Area Foundation is still looking for additional donors to help provide these Amarillo communities with the resources they need.

To help or make a donation, head to their website or Facebook.

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