Amarillo man ‘fighting for his life,’ community steps up to help

The power of prayer is prevalent in Amarillo after a man goes into cardiac arrest.

VIDEO: A family is supported by the Amarillo community and others as their father fights for his life

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - After Jayson Deaver, husband and father of three was found unconscious at 1:45 a.m. last week, his wife and son immediately came to the rescue.

“I called 911 and started chest compressions. At that time, I also called my youngest son Janson, who lives about a block away. He was over there within seconds and continued chest compressions until the paramedics got there,” said Tricia Deaver, a mother and the wife of Jayson Deaver.

His son relieved his mother and continued doing CPR.

“Minutes felt like hours,” said Janson Deaver, youngest Deaver child.

Deaver went into a cardiac arrest and has been in the hospital ever since.

“We didn’t think he was going to make it at all. The doctor, I mean, we are so amazed by him, but he came in and he told us our dad wasn’t going to make it,” Jaydon Pickens, oldest Deaver child.

Deaver is currently stable but is still waiting for movement in his hands and feet.

“Our prayer is, is that He [God] is going to make him whole again. Whether it be the Jayson that we knew, or the Jayson we will know in the future,” said Mrs. Deaver.

His daughter took to social media and created a Facebook page called Prayers for Jayson in order to update his friends and family as well as inviting others to pray for his healing.

The page grew quickly with support from across the country and outside the U.S.

This quickly led to a prayer circle outside of BSA hospital where Jayson was currently recovering.

Many people showed up, even people they did not recognize.

“There was so many people and you could just feel God right there in the prayer circle... A group of nurses went into a room to pray for my dad and the crazy thing is, is they’re not even on the same floor as my dad. My dad’s on floor two, she said she’s the third-floor nurse,” said Mrs. Pickens.

Nurses at BSA hospital saw the Facebook page but could not make it down for the prayer, so a group prayed from the hospital instead.

“Myself and a few others heard of Jayson’s story and the prayer meeting personally through his story shared via Facebook. We switch shifts at the time the prayer was set to be held but we didn’t want to miss out on joining them during this time,” said Ashley Southard, registered nurse at BSA hospital.

The nurses stressed the importance of praying for their patients.

“As nurses, we so often see the impact prayer has on a patient and their family. We are always more than honored to join together with them in prayer and support any opportunity we can. Caring for a patient means caring for their family and community as well—mind, body & spirit,” said Southard.

“It’s imperative to show support to both sides for us. We were honored to be just a small part of this amazingly large support system the family has,” said Southard.

This also started a prayer chain with people from around the world supporting.

“We had a prayer chain going. Prayer chain was going all night long. We have, I had a friend of Jayson’s that he went to school with that lives in China now. They have a prayer chain in China going. We have family in Alaska who are praying in Alaska. We have friends in Germany that are praying in Germany. We have friends all over the United States that have messaged and said, we’re praying,” said Mrs. Deaver.

The community has also stepped up by donating and started a meal train for the family.

“It makes us feel good that we’re loved that we’ve got a lot of support behind us and we’re not in this alone,” said Branton Deaver, middle Deaver child.

Lone Star Graphics in Amarillo will be hosting a car wash fundraiser for the family this Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

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