Many Amarillo bars turning into restaurants in order to survive

Bars in the area have slowly been turning into restaurants since it was approved that they could start selling food with the help of food trucks or vendors.

VIDEO: Many bars turning into restaurants in order to survive

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Bars have been forced to shut down but recently have been allowed to open up if they are selling food at 51 percent sales.

Many businesses are taking full advantage of the new option.

Now places like LIT Arcade Bar in downtown Amarillo are preparing for their opening night.

“We had to apply for what they call a food and beverage certificate which is basically just a subordinate permit to go on top of our mixed beverage permit. And so that just means that by some means we have to provide food,” said Marco Camp, an owner at LIT Arcade Bar in Amarillo.

Bars like Leftwoods, Mudd Rack and Cadillacs and Guitars all found ways to reopen as a restaurant.

“Everybody’s tried to do it. Now I’m not sure if everybody’s gotten it or not. And being that the stipulation of this food and beverage certificate has been kind of staggered. So, it’s not like we all got to open at once,” said Camp.

Zombies and LIT Arcades Bar opened for a short period of time in the earlier stages of the pandemic, but were forced to shut down for months. Now they are open.

“It’s just something we’ve been looking forward to for three months. You know and the last, the shutdown before this, it was just, you know we looked forward to, we opened back up here, we’re open for three weeks and we got shut down again. So, it was just kind of brutal,” said Camp.

Just like many businesses, some bars received funds from the PPE.

“I know there’s some places down the street that have been opened for a month now. And same premise, you know, they built a kitchen and are serving food now and they’re doing great. So, yeah, I mean it’s been great for everybody to have the opportunity to do that,” said Camp.

LIT Arcades Bar opens tonight with food from Polk Street Eats and hopes to continue their business instead of being forced to shut down for good.

“You know, we’re huge about keeping downtown open and just keeping it what it is. Inner cities work so, hard to make it what it is. And so to be able to keep that going is just really important to all of us,” said Camp.

As the pandemic continues, more bars in the area are turning into restaurants, following that trend in hopes to save their business.

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