Texas Tech medical students need public’s help with COVID-19 study

Three Texas Tech students are involved with the COVID symptom tracker app that analyzes data for people with COVID-19 symptoms in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.

VIDEO: Three students at Texas Tech school of medicine are involved with an app to help track COVID-19 symptoms in the area.

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Downloading the app helps students collect new data about COVID-19 that could be useful in getting to know the disease better.

Information gathered through the COVID-19 Tracking Symptom app could contribute to the information being researched throughout the app across the country and the U.K.

“We’re serving and trying to determine any conditions related to the COVID-19 here and the West Texas area and also Eastern New Mexico as that is our general population, we serve here at Texas Tech,” said Connor Barry, medical student at TTUHC.

“It’s been out there for a while, but it’s never been really used in this area. It’s never been enough users to be meaningful data,” said Ganesh Maniam, medical student at TTUHC.

“So, the importance of gathering data in West Texas is so that we can see, you know, how COVID-19 trends relate to the different demographics in West Texas,” said Avery Bramnik, medical student at TTUHC.

There are a little over 4 million people using the app and heavily used in Texas with over 6,000 users.

“It’s easy, it takes 5 minutes or less to register and then every day it takes you know, maybe 10 seconds to just check in. You know, do you have any symptoms, have you been exposed to COVID, and if not, that’s it. You’re done for the day. And if you do that every day you are providing us with this very valuable information,” said Maniam.

Our area has low numbers, resulting the need for over 300 people in each county in West Texas to use the app in order to have useful data for the students.

“One of the ways this app has helped, is it helped noticed that the lack of taste and lack of smell is associated with COVID-19. Maybe there’s some other symptom we are not quite aware of. Maybe there’s this symptom kind of unique to this general West Texas area. So again, any information is good information,” said Barry.

“So, that’s kind of one idea of what, what we might do with this data and just seeing the differences per geographical area,” said Bramnik.

Anyone 18 or older is invited to participate in this study.

Students are asking for the communities help by downloading this app onto their device to help them track people with COVID-19 symptoms in our area.

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