Three Big Things: Canyon defense impresses more than offense

VIDEO: NewsChannel 10 Sports 9-21-20

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - After four weeks of high school football, there are lots of things that I’ve been impressed by, but three big things really stood out to me.

First, for a team that was supposed to be known for it’s offense this season, the Canyon defense is giving the offense a run for its money. Yes, it’s incredibly impressive that the offense has put up more than 130 points in just three games, but you have to give the defense credit for limiting opponents to a total of just 31 points all season, with 28 of them coming in the first game of the year. The Eagles managed to shutout Lubbock Estacado 38-0 before going over to Borger, taking that game 40-3. The Eagles have been unstoppable, and I for one can’t wait for Canyon to play Pampa or Dumas. At this point, I see no reason why Canyon can’t beat Pampa.

Moving on though, the second big thing I noticed this past week was that Dumas probably has one of the top five quarterbacks in the entire state of Texas. Senior Spencer Williams can run, he can pass, avoid sacks, and most importantly, adapt under high pressured situations. Despite taking down Levelland 62-26, the Demons had a little bit of a sluggish start to last Friday’s home matchup. Williams was hit hard a couple of times, one of which resulted in a fumble that was recovered by Dumas. Moments later though, what impressed me was that he became totally aware inside the pocket and began moving like the District MVP he could easily become. He was able to run down the field when the pocket collapsed while also looking down field to make drive-altering throws.

Finally, WT Stinnett is back! Senior quarterback Avian Cruz is beginning to remind everyone why the Comanches are not to be messed with. After falling in their first two games, they’ve quickly rebounded to become .500 on the year. An issue will be though that they play two incredibly tough teams in the following three games with a road matchup against River Road next week and then two weeks later, a home contest with Wes Jones and the Panhandle Panthers. Granted, the first two losses of the year were to a No. 1 team in Texas (Canadian) and then to a historic powerhouse in Stratford, but they’ll need to get used to playing teams like those if they want to make it far in this year’s playoffs.

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