High Plains Food Bank partners with Spare Hunger, helping those battling with hunger

Updated: Sep. 22, 2020 at 7:13 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Food banks across the nation have seen an increase of people who are battling with hunger and the High Plains Food Bank is no exception.

Offering your time as a volunteer can be time consuming but what if, you spare change every time you shop for groceries or when you eat a meal can be used to stop those who are battling with hunger?

The High Plains food Bank announced a new partnership with Spare Hunger, an app that rounds up your grocery and takeout orders to the nearest dollar amount will donate those funds that are raised, to local food banks.

“You know a lot people are just stressed by finances,” said Andra Tomsa, founder of Spare Hunger. “They feel like they can’t write a big check to local food banks even, if they want to, but what they can do, what I can do as a single mother using this app, I can round up in small increments and know that i’m making a difference over time.”

The app is essentially a prescription model. When the user first signs up, they are prompted to link a debit or credit card they use when dining out, then the app automatically starts rounding up your grocery bill and take out costs to the nearest dollar.

“We see that our average users gave about $15 a month, you know," said Tina Brohlin, communications and marketing manager for High Plains Food Bank. "In increments of 20, 30, 60 cents, a day at a time that really does add up and aggregate.”

Initially, High Plains Food Bank hopes to have 34 active users that means $500 a month in funding. The long term goal is to keep incrementing engagement and with it, the dollar amount.

“We love to have about 10,000 users and in doing that it could be transformational for the High Plains Food Bank, bringing in about two million dollars every six months.”

Spare says it’s very important for residents to utilize the unique link provided by the High Plains Food Bank. Otherwise, the donation could end up benefiting a different organization.

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