GOOD NEWS: Tri-State Fair is much more than just a fun event

VIDEO: GOOD NEWS: Tri-State Fair is much more than just a fun event

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Tomorrow was to be the start of the Tri-State Fair, a fun week filled with rides, games, exhibits and fair food.

However, due to the COVID-19 risks on large gatherings of people, the fair has been cancelled.

For the first time in 34 years, I will not be here eating my stuffed sopapillas, doing live reports from the fair or sharing the fun with you.

The news isn’t all bad.

Tri-State Fair Marketing Director Angela Ragland explains that the fair is much more than just a fun event.

She told me that most people think of the fair as just food and fun for a week, but the Fair Expo hosts many other events, supports youth agriculture and animal activities, and awards scholarships- all of which are still taking place. Upcoming events include goat and horse showing, penning competitions, and mounted shooting competitions.

Cancelling the festivities this year not only affected the Fair itself but also many local charities and non-profits that rely on funds and donations generated at the fair.

This is where people can step in and create some good news.

However, there are still ways people can help.

“The Fair always offers a special wrist band deal with a percentage of the proceeds going to help fund non-profit organizations like the High Plains Food Bank and the Susan B. Komen foundation. I recommend that people take some of the money they would have spent at the fair and donate to those charities. The Tri-State Fair also awards scholarships each year and invites people to donate to the scholarship fund,” said Ragland.

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