New Panhandle Community Services program seeks to help veterans with critical home repairs

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) -James Moody is a navy Vietnam War veteran, who has spent the last 11 years living in the same house in Amarillo.

“It’s been a good house, but it sure needs help” said Moody.

Last summer his daughter Jessica moved in with him to help around the house.

“As we were cleaning up, it became apparent some of the things that needed to get done as far of some of the structural repair,” said Jessica Blair, Moody’s daughter.

Fortunately for Moody and his daughter, Panhandle Community Services (PCS) launched their Restoring America’s Heroes Project.

They are supported by a $300,000 grant from the Texas Veterans Assistance Fund, which assists organizations serving veterans and their families.

“We want to be able to protect the fundamental structures of the homes of veterans,” said Christy Hilbert, director of communications for Panhandle Community Services.

Eligible participants include both active duty and former service member, who live in the top 26 counties of Texas. The participants may also be disabled, as defined by the veteran administration.

“It’s also applicable to the surviving spouse of a veteran,” said Brenda Taylor, Texas Veterans Association. “Because we know they would like their spouses being taken care of.”

James is the first recipient of this program and he is certain he won’t be the last.

“I’m just blessed, I’m looking forward to when it’s done,” said Moody.

Now that the problems with his ceiling will be fixed, he can now concentrate on spending time with his family.

“This would mean its a safe place for us to be able to have family gatherings, and to be able to have the kids, grandkids and his great grandchildren to continue to create those memories.”

Panhandle Community Services expects to finish the renovations by July of next year.

Residents can apply at PCS service center near them or visit the agency’s website.

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