An Amarillo non-profit has been vandalized twice in less than a week

VIDEO: An Amarillo non-profit has been vandalized twice in less than a week

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The PARC organization has been around for six years and has never had anything like this happen, which is why they were shocked when their glass door was broken twice in one week.

"This is a place called home for me, I could come here any day and these people will make me happy. It is not right for them to get vandalized,” said Thomas Arjon, a member at The PARC for over a year

Arjon says he has been a member for a year now and goes every day before work. He happened to be passing by the building when he saw a staff member outside inspecting the damage.

"I saw it and I said ‘I wonder what he is doing, I wonder if he needs some help?’. So I got off, came by and he said it had been broken. So, I said 'Why would somebody do that? why would somebody break the door just to break it?.’”

The Operations Coordinator, Micah Enger, says despite these incidents, they feel supported by the community. They had the door donated to them twice by a local business and it was a community member who called the police and alerted them of the incident.

“It was just somebody that was riding their bike, just the community looking out for us, which we are so grateful for because it wasn’t anyone we knew," said Enger "They just let us know and said we have gone ahead and taken care of it for you.”

She says they are now moving forward, installing a ring camera to hopefully prevent other attempts and continuing a project that has stalled due to COVID-19

“Before COVID our numbers were very high, our room was constantly full, standing room only, all of our seats were full. We very much needed to expand, so during the shutdown we were actually able to purchase the property behind us which we had been wanting for the past five years,” said Enger "We were able to secure that and know that property is ours, so we will start building and expanding very soon”

She says they will be hosting several fundraisers in the coming months to help with those expenses.

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