Amarillo to participate in National Cleanup Day

VIDEO: Amarillo to participate in National Cleanup Day

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo Independent School District is partnering with Keep Amarillo Clean for National Cleanup Day this Saturday.

Communities across Amarillo are coming together to teach kids the importance of keeping your schools and cities clean.

Keep Amarillo Clean gathered 38 clean up day coordinators, allowing for at least one at every elementary school.

The organization hopes by getting kids involved, they will form new habits of keeping their city clean at an early age.

They also believe this initiative has the power to reshape our schools, city, and even society as a whole.

“I think this is important for the youth, mainly. We just think its important for them to realize that it’s good to have a clean city, that it’s good to not litter it’s good to keep up with your trash and keep your neighborhood clean. and overall, the whole nation,” said Paula Sanchez, a Keep Amarillo Clean cleanup coordinator.

Each coordinator will be placed at a different elementary school and will provide gloves.

Some locations will even have donated water and snacks.

The North Heights Advisory Association will be handing out free food to volunteers who help them clean up the old Saint Anthony’s Hospital.

“North Heights Advisory Association is asking for people, volunteers, to come to help clean up specifically the hospital grounds. That includes lawn mowers, weeding, picking up trash, all of those things,” said NHAA Executive Committee Member Melodie Graves.

All Cleanup Day organizers hope this event will allow all communities across Amarillo to come together for the common good.

“In this day in age, with COVID and social unrest, everyone just needs to find some way to come together again. And I think in having pride in where you live, and the space that you live, is a great way to show some solidarity,” said Tremaine Brown, Keep Amarillo Clean cleanup coordinator.

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