Amarillo city leaders give update on COVID-19 cases in schools as health experts see uptick in overall cases

CDC recommends masks in public settings

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo city leaders gave an update on COVID-19 cases in Amarillo schools as health experts say we are seeing an uptick of cases in the community during a news conference Wednesday morning.

Casie Stoughton, the Amarillo Public Health director, provided the latest numbers of confirmed cases in Amarillo schools during the news conference.

She said there has been an increase in 378 cases in Amarillo since last Tuesday.

Amarillo ISD has 112 cases and 62 recoveries. That leaves 50 active cases at AISD schools.

Canyon ISD has 33 cases and 13 recoveries. That leaves 20 active cases at CISD schools.

Highland Park ISD has three active COVID-19 cases.

River Road ISD has 11 cases and six recoveries. That leaves five active cases at River Road ISD schools.

Bushland ISD has one confirmed case.

There are 26 cases at Amarillo private schools and 18 recoveries. That leaves eight active cases at Amarillo private schools.

Dr. Scott Milton, public health authority with the TTUHSC, reminded residents to take precautions against the spread of COVID-19 as the number of patients at Amarillo hospitals is on the rise.

Dr. Brian Weis, chief medical officer with NWTH, echoed that, saying the community is seeing an increase in positive cases.

NWTH currently has 23 COVID-19 positive patients, with 12 in the ICU and seven on ventilators. The hospital is moving to antigen testing, with allows for a faster turnaround and a better amount of supplies.

The hospital is now testing all admissions to the hospital and anyone getting a procedure at the hospital.

NWTH is currently treating 10 patients with remdesivir and has enough supplies to treat another 70. The hospital has treated a total of 113 patients.

Dr. Michael Lamanteer, chief medical officer for BSA, spoke about the ages most affected by COVID-19.

Dr. Lamanteer said 40 percent of positive cases are in their 20′s and 30′s. However, 49 percent of hospitalizations are those age 70 and older.

BSA currently has 35 positive cases, with five persons under investigation. 18 COVID-19 patients are in the ICU and six are on ventilators.

BSA has now done over 9,200 tests for COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

BSA has treated 109 patients with remdesivir and continues the use of dexamethasone. 12 patients are currently enrolled in the Regeneron trial.

Dr. Rodney Gonzales, director of Amarillo VA, says there are three positive cases at the VA with one in the ICU.

21 veterans are in home isolation.

There are 11,253 COVID-19 cases in the Texas Panhandle:

Armstrong County: 12

Briscoe County: 12

Carson County: 17

Castro County: 241

Childress County: 63

Collingsworth County: 18

Cottle County: 20

Dallam County: 235

Deaf Smith County: 1,001

Donley County: 59

Gray County: 271

Hall County: 19

Hansford County: 108

Hartley County: 122

Hemphill County: 71

Hutchinson County: 163

Lipscomb County: 26

Moore County: 1,137

Motley County: 7

Ochiltree County: 115

Oldham County: 15

Parmer County: 404

Potter County: 4,398

Randall County: 2,515

Roberts County: 9

Sherman County: 58

Swisher County: 95

Wheeler County: 42

Out of the confirmed cases, there are 9,653 recoveries in the Texas Panhandle:

Armstrong County: 11

Briscoe County: 11

Carson County: 17

Castro County: 213

Cottle County: 17

Childress County: 53

Collingsworth County: 15

Dallam County: 212

Deaf Smith County: 913

Donley County: 51

Gray County: 248

Hall County: 14

Hartley County: 109

Hansford County: 92

Hemphill County: 51

Hutchinson County: 139

Lipscomb County: 22

Motley County: 6

Moore County: 1,086

Ochiltree County: 101

Oldham County: 13

Parmer County: 38

Potter County: 3,948

Randall County: 2,088

Roberts County: 7

Sherman County: 50

Swisher County: 87

Wheeler County: 41

There have also been 181 COVID-19 related deaths in the Texas Panhandle:

Armstrong County: 1

Briscoe County: 1

Castro County: 4

Cottle County: 2

Dallam County: 5

Deaf Smith County: 20

Donley County: 1

Gray County: 5

Hall County: 1

Hansford County: 4

Hartley County: 4

Hockley County: 4

Hutchinson County: 3

Ochiltree County: 4

Oldham County: 1

Moore County: 19

Parmer County: 7

Potter County: 57

Randall County: 35

Swisher County: 3

There are 1,289 confirmed cases in the Oklahoma Panhandle:

Beaver County: 44

Cimarron County: 14

Texas County: 1,231

There have been 1,116 recoveries in the Oklahoma Panhandle:

Beaver: 39

Cimarron: 1

Texas County: 1,076

There have been seven COVID-19 related deaths in the Oklahoma Panhandle:

Texas County: 7

There are 1,058 positive COVID-19 cases across Eastern New Mexico:

Curry County: 727

Quay County: 69

Roosevelt County: 231

Union County: 31

There have been 12 deaths related to COVID-19 in Eastern New Mexico:

Curry County: 5

Quay County: 2

Roosevelt County: 3

Union County: 2

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