Good News: Leaders Readers Network working to spark love for reading and learning in Tx Panhandle students

VIDEO: Good News with Doppler Dave Leaders Readers Network

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - An historical quote from Frederick Douglas states that when a person learns to read, he or she will then be free forever.

Reading books can open the door to many new worlds.

The Leaders Readers Network is trying to open as many doors as possible by getting books into the hands of young leaders.

Chris McGilvery, the project founder, explained the vision behind the project.

“The Mission of Leaders Readers Network is to cultivate a national network of leaders who help provide books, supplies and projects to support early literacy at underfunded schools,” he said.

McGilvery spoke about the different projects the Leaders Readers Network has to help educate students in the area.

“We have the Bilingual Book Project. We want to promote diversity and culture, language learning, and so these bilingual books will be given to bilingual classrooms, dual language classrooms, or students and families that speak two languages," he said. “And so the other book project that we’re launching is the Black is Beautiful book project. We want to be able to show classrooms that the world is diverse and beautiful, and then our Foster Care Youth Book Club. We’ll be packaging care packages with books and snacks for foster care youth within the Panhandle.”

“The Black is Beautiful project is about helping our community see or embrace our differences in the community,” said Rashar Steward, and 8th Grader at Canyon Junior High School.

“I am working on the Bilingual Book Project which is basically a project to help kids who do not understand English or who are not fluent in English to help learn and be introduced into it, and we have books that are in English and in Spanish,” said Evey McIntosh, a 6th Grader at Canyon Intermediate School.

The end result is reaching as many students as possible, including those in underprivileged and under resourced situations to spark a lifelong love for reading and learning.

“This project is to reach foster children, to get them books so they can educate themselves and build their communication skills and their imagination,” said DeAnndra Murry, a senior at WTAMU.

A new world could be just one book away for a child, and the Leaders Readers Network is trying to get that book into the right hands.

That’s some good news!

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