JBS invests 3.3 million dollars into communities of Moore county to help with COVID-19

Updated: Sep. 3, 2020 at 10:18 PM CDT
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DUMAS, Texas (KFDA) - One of the hardest hit counties in our area is bouncing back physically and financially from COVID-19.

JBS Cactus is launching a hometown strong initiative and will be investing 3.3 million dollars into Moore county communities.

This money will go towards food insecurity, community infrastructure and COVID-19 efforts.

“Dumas was considered early on one of the hot spots. We’ve worked through that and I feel like were in really good shape and we look good now but it’s definitely something that effected us,” said Mayor Bob Brinkmann from Dumas.

Moore county has had more than one thousand confirmed COVID-19 cases since the pandemic broke out.

What was once a hot spot is now on the mend.

“Yesterday I believe our active numbers were around 46, 48. Which we have gotten as high as several hundred at one point. So they have been constantly going down. We haven’t had an active COVID case since May 27th or something like that. Even the cases we have had recently don’t seem to be as devastating as they were thankfully,” said Mayor Brinkmann.

Not only recovering from the virus, but also from the economic impact the pandemic has caused, the community is receiving millions to help get back to where they were and better.

“We have these funds that we believe we want to go ahead and invest in the counties and in cities in which JBS is our hometowns. Where we work and live,” said Manny Guerrero, general manager, JBS Cactus.

A hometown initiative by JBS is giving 50 million dollars to communities where JBS plants are located.

Moore county is on that list and will be receiving 3.3 million dollars to invest in the region’s future.

“We’ve been working to make sure that America is fed. We are proud that we are a large producer in the area and a large employer in the area and making these contributions is very beneficial for us. It’s something to give back to the community,” said Guerrero.

JBS is currently meeting with city leaders of Cactus, Dumas and Sunray to best determine where the money will be best utilized.

Guerrero says the money will be distributed by the end of the year.

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