Good News: Oklahoma girl wins White House art contest, meets Melania Trump

VIDEO: Good News: Oklahoma girl wins White House art contest, meets Melania Trump

FELT, Okla. (KFDA) - As part of the centennial celebration of the 19th Amendment ratification, giving women the right to vote, First Lady Melania Trump and the White House launched an art contest for girls from all 50 states to be included in a special exhibit at the White House called “Building the Movement.”

The winner and representative for the entire state of Oklahoma is Callie Bell, from right here in our area. She is a sophomore in Felt, Oklahoma.

Callie Bell
Callie Bell (Source: viewer photo)

Callie describes her picture of an early suffragette on a horse demonstrating for women’s right to vote.

Being selected and honored in this way came as quite a surprise.

When asked what it was like to get the news about being selected to represent the state of Oklahoma, Callie described her surprise and excitement.

She thought, “Wait, did not one else enter?”

The news suddenly sunk in that she was the state winner and would be traveling to Washington, D.C. to be part of the exhibit unveiling. SHe was able to visit the White House and hear and hear the First Lady’s speech to launch the exhibit.

Callie was excited to even meet Melania Trump personally.

For Callie, and of course, her proud family, it has been an exciting honor and experience they will never forget.

Callie’s mother Audra said she was not surprised that the picture was selected because Callie is a gifted artist, but the news still came as a complete and exciting surprise.

The only down side was that the entire family could not make the trip to Washington.

Being so proud of her daughter and excited to be part of such a wonderful event has been a thrilling and emotional experience.

Sometimes some of the most amazing experiences are the least expected, and Callie would like her amazing experience to serve as inspiration for others. She encourages young people to work hard and use their gifts and talents to pursue their goals and dreams because anything can happen.

This week, we remember an important time for women in our nation’s history, and here 100 years later we honor one of our own young ladies and her contribution in commemorating that same event.

That’s some good news!

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