Countdown To Kickoff: Canadian Wildcats look to States with returning senior quarterback

Countdown To Kickoff: Canadian Wildcats strive for success with starting quarterback making return

CANADIAN, Texas (KFDA) - Every single season, good teams lose good players and have to somehow fill the holes.

“We’re really excited with the players we have,” Canadian Head Coach Chris Koetting said. “We have some guys that have played in some big games before throughout the years, and we have some talent. I feel like a little bit, we don’t quite have the depth that we had last year, but we’re really excited about our season and feel like we have the chance to have a really good year.”

Sometimes though, instead of losing a good player after a season passes, a star returns from injury, and that’s what we find to be the case as Canadian High School.

“Yeah, you know, Josh Culwell is gonna be our quarterback and unfortunately he broke his foot in the second game of the year last year, and he is a super talented kid and he’s about 6-3, 190 pounds, and he can really throw the football well, so I’m really excited to watch what he can do,” Koetting said.

However, there’s more to Culwell than having a cannon of an arm. He’s also a gifted leader that’s benefited from having to serve his team from off the field last year.

“I took a change of mission approach toward all that, just switching my role to more of a leadership off the field role and I feel like that will help us a lot, staying out of trouble, and I feel like that’s a pretty great accomplishment for the team,” Canadian senior quarterback Josh Culwell said.

Putting being a leader aside though, Culwell is also a playmaker first and foremost, and this season is going to be like no other for the senior stud.

“We’re switching up our offense game-plan a little bit, more pass style, which will help us a lot because there’s not too many great secondary defenses in 3A of course, but I feel like that will help us a lot,” Culwell said.

As if Culwell isn’t enough though to keep Canadian as one of the top 3A teams in the state, he’s got help in the backfield and everywhere else.

“We have Hays Huftedler who was a 1,500 yard rusher last year, have him back, and Reagan Cochran, he did some great things for us,” Koetting said. “You know, he’s 6-3, 205 pounds, he really put some weight on. I look forward to what he can do, but we got a lot of guys that I think are going to do some great things this year.”

The Wildcats went 14 and 1 last year, and went all the way to the State Semifinals before losing to Gunter 27-20. This year, they’re hoping to go one fame further and claim a state title.

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