Countdown To Kickoff: Bushland Falcons push forward with new quarterback and Head Coach

Countdown To Kickoff: Bushland Falcons push forward with new quarterback and Head Coach
Bushland quarterback Coleman Junell practices during 2-a-days (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Bushland Falcons are used to being a powerhouse team in the Amarillo area, but with a new head coach and a new starting quarterback, the question is can the Falcons continue being a powerhouse in 2020.

“I think just the biggest thing you can do to be a leader is to be vocal on the field, help people out between reps, go over to the other people, make sure they know what they’re doing, if they got questions,” Bushland senior quarterback Coleman Junell said. “You be the one that can answer [the questions] for them.”

Junell is in a unique situation this year, and COVID-19 has nothing to do with it. He’s not only a senior with limited starting time in the backfield, but he’s also the new first string quarterback for the team that has a mandate for success.

“Well Coleman Junell, he’s a great leader, on the field, off the field, if you’re ever around him, through the off-season, through his baseball, through football, through summer workouts,” Bushland’s new Head Coach and former Offensive Coordinator Josh Reynolds said. “One thing you notice right off the back is he’s a great leader, he’s positive, he picks other kids up, and he works his tail off.”

For Junell, part of being the new leader of the team along with his new head coach means having a perfect game as often as possible.

“Perfect game, I don’t think has anything to do with score,” Junell said. “Just has to do with execution on our part and the chemistry at the end. As far as keeping people safe throughout the game, you know you always want to finish a game, go into the next game with the same people on the roster and starting lineup. You don’t wanna have anybody hurt, so just getting through that without any injuries and just win.”

For Junell, chemistry will be crucial, especially with a big offensive line that is expected to have an even bigger year.

“I mean, we’re just picking each other up every day, every practice, everything we can do to you know, just encourage each other, on the line, and encourage them to trust us. I mean just prove to them every day that we want it as bad as they do,” Bushland senior offensive lineman Hays McDonald said.

The way Bushland can prove that is by doing one simple thing.

“Well what I wanna do where we wanna get as a program we feel like is we’re gonna play hard,” Reynolds said. “We’re gonna fight every Friday night. We’re not scared of anybody. We’re gonna respect everybody but we’re gonna play hard and get after it every Friday night.”

If they do that, Bushland’s focus should be no problem.

“Our goal is December 19th,” McDonald said. “To have more points on the scoreboard than the other team.”

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