Countdown to Kickoff: Borger Bulldogs rebuilding their reputation

Last season the Bulldogs focused on building their foundation, this year it's about building on it.

CTK Borger Bulldogs

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Going into their second season under head coach Duane Toliver, the Borger Bulldogs are motivated to turn 2020 into a winning season.

“We’re tough kids, we’re hard-nose kids, we work hard and we kind of got away from that in the past ten years,” said Toliver. “What we’re trying to do is get back to that reputation.”

Last year the team focused on laying down a foundation for the program. This year the Bulldogs are planning to bring back their formerly positive Borger football reputation.

Senior free safety and receiver Allan Cardenas says the team is really looking forward to a winning season.

“Last year was a rough year for us, only going 1-9,” said Cardenas. “This year the atmosphere is completely different than it was last year.”

On average the Bulldogs put up 13 points per game while they allowed 38 points per game.

“We’ve had a losing culture recently,” said senior defensive end Alex Clements. “We’re flipping it around to be a winning culture.”

However, the players are already noticing more discipline in practices this year and coach Toliver is counting on several returning players to help lead his team to success.

Coach Toliver says that along with Clements and Cardenas, All-District quarterback Cameron Hernandez, All-District wide receiver Hunter Wilkinson will be key players in the 2020 season.

The returning quarterback scored 20 touchdowns in his junior season and sported over 1,800 all purpose yards. Along with Hernandez, Clements and Cardenas hope to contribute more this season.

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