Canyon ISD kindergarten teacher impacting anxious parents around the world

VIDEO: Canyon ISD kindergarten teacher impacting anxious parents around the world

CANYON, Texas (KFDA) - Dana Kimmell has been teaching kindergarten for five years now.

When she saw a Facebook post going around causing fear in parents about returning to school with COVID-19 a threat, she took to social media to share her own opinions.

“A lot of the parents that I knew were sharing it the [the original social media post] and just kind of talking about how it just made them kind of feel yucky and I knew that’s not the way I wanted kids to come in and kids to start their career,” said Dana Kimmell, kindergarten teacher, Sundown Lane Elementary.

*we will ALSO be wearing masks within 6ft!** Dear Kindergarten Parent, Let me help you understand what our babies are...

Posted by Dana Stephenson Kimmell on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

So Kimmell explained what school will look like with new guidelines to help keep kids safe and continue learning.

“We’ll come in and this is my cool face shield and this is going to be my cool face mask and just kind of what our day is going to sound like and feel like and I try and try and use the tone and the words I would use with kindergartners,” said Kimmell.

Kimmell posted her opinions not thinking she would reach more than the parents of Canyon ISD.

She was quickly proven wrong.

“She created the Facebook post and after the fact she texted me and said, it was so funny, she said, ‘Hey I did a thing and it’s kind of going viral. So give me a call so I can let you know what I did,‘” said Noe Renteria, principal, Sundown Lane Elementary.

The post has gained attention from anxious parents all over the world, thanking Kimmell for her positivity during these uncertain times.

“Someone messaged me from South Africa and I was like ‘South Africa? That’s kind of cool,‘” said Kimmell.

Not only impacting parents, Kimmell said she and her school have also been blessed from the outcome of this post.

“The Lord put it on my heart to share this and I really thought it was just to a few people. I had no clue how much He was going to use me through this post and how much He was really going to bless us through this post. There’s been massive blessings coming back to us,” said Kimmell.

People from around the world are now sending back to school supplies to Sundown Lane Elementary to show their appreciation for Kimmell and her inspiring words, something Kimmell and her principal never would have guessed would happen.

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