Potter County extends contract to outsource IT department to prevent future malware attacks

Updated: Aug. 10, 2020 at 4:44 PM CDT
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POTTER COUNTY, Texas (KFDA) - When the malware breach happened last year, Potter County decided to look into a private company for their IT department, hoping they would be able to cover the bases that were left unchecked and led to the breach.

The county did a trial run with local tech company Andrew and Associates for the past year and today voted to extend that partnership for three years.

The service fee is $89,259.42 every month for the next three years.

“The new contract actually saves us about $60,000 a year. The amount they are spending is roughly what we would be spending on an IT department in-house.” said Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley.

After the three years, the company will have the opportunity to raise the fee up to five percent. According to the company, that fee is customary in the industry, and makes up for inflation and for the discount given in the initial three-year period.

The attorney says after the three years they will allow other companies to bid for the contract, but as of now, everyone is content with the extra layer of protection the company has provided.

The contract was also updated to include response time benchmarks.

“This particular contract, the SLA or service level agreement, is something we take for granted while everything is going well.‘ said Mercy Murguia, Potter County Commissioner for Precinct Two. “But, if something is awry in response time, that is really the language that helps on both of our ends, so that we have clear expectation of what that looks like. That is a different part of this contract, so I want to highlight that.”

With the move to outsource, most of the city employees that were working in the IT department at the moment of the breech have been hired by Andrew and Associates to continue working in that department but now as Andrew and Associates employees.

The county attorney says that has been the best part, to be able to still work with those people they have been used to and still have the security of more safety from any other malware attacks.

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