2 people arrested Friday in Oldham County for transporting more than $400,000 worth of meth

2 people arrested Friday in Oldham County for transporting more than $400,000 worth of meth
Yesenia Olmeda, Arturo Cervantes (Source: Oldham County)

OLDHAM COUNTY, Texas (KFDA) - A man and woman were arrested Friday after a traffic stop in Oldham County lead to the discovery of more than $400,000 worth of meth.

On Friday, July 29, a Texas Highway Patrol trooper stopped a white Ram pickup with an Arizona license plate on I-40 near the 42 mile marker for speeding.

The driver, identified as Yesenia Olmedo of Springfield, Missouri, was traveling in a vehicle she had rented in Missouri.

During the traffic stop, the trooper observed indicators of criminal activity and asked to search the pickup.

Olmedo consented to the search, and the trooper noticed the spare tire may contain contraband and decided to transport Olmedo and the pickup to the Oldham County Sherriff’s Office in Vega for a safer search.

During the search of the spare tire in the pickup, the trooper located nine bundles of a crystalline substance that tested positive for methamphetamine.

While the trooper was conducting the traffic stop, he noticed a maroon Ford pickup circling the stop and then park around one mile east.

He requested another trooper make contact with the driver of the maroon pickup, as he believed the vehicles were traveling together.

The other trooper pulled up to the truck with a Missouri license plate and identified the driver as Arturo Cervantes by a California identification card.

Cervantes told the trooper he did not know the person in the white pickup stopped behind him, but that he was looking for a ranch a friend owned and worked at.

While the trooper talked with Cervantes, she smelled marijuana in the vehicle and learned that the pickup Cervantes was driving was also rented by Olmedo.

Cervantes and his pickup were transported to the Oldham County Sheriff’s Office in Vega for searching and interviewing.

Only a small amount of marijuana was found in Cervantes’ pickup during the search.

During her interview, Olmedo claimed she had no knowledge of the contraband in the tire.

She said her and Certvantes had been dating for around four and a half years on and off, and Cervantes lived with her in Springfield for months at a time.

Olmedo said she did not know what Cervantes did for work, and admitted that she rented both trucks from the airport in Springfield, because Cervantes didn’t have a driver license.

She said Cervantes suggested and organized the trip from Missouri to California to purchase furniture, and said her and Cervantes had made three trips from Missouri to California similar to the trip they were on.

Olmedo agreed with officers that the manner of these trips was not logical, and she stated, the first night her and Cervantes had stayed in California, Cervantes borrowed the white Ram pickup for around an hour while she stayed at the hotel. She claimed she did know where he went, but he was alone.

Officers then interviewed Cervantes, where he told them although he presented a California ID, his real name was not Arturo Cervantes, it was Cristobal Velasquez. Officers were unable to find evidence proving his claim was true, as all of his banking documents were under the name Arturo Cervantes.

He then changed his story, saying he did know Olmedo, they were dating, but he had no knowledge of the contraband found in the white pickup. He emphasized Olmedo was the one driving the white pickup, and he adamantly refused ever driving it.

Cervantes never mentioned traveling to pick up furniture, but he said him and Olmedo were traveling to visit their families.

After gaining consent to search, officers discovered messages on Cervantes’ phone between him and his son and daughter-in-law that appeared to be in code and showed they were sending money back and forth to each other.

The investigation found two separate bank accounts that appeared to be owned by Cervantes with over $67,000 deposited into them.

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