Tyson Foods launches COVID-19 monitoring program, expands health staff

CDC recommends masks in public settings

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Tyson Foods, Inc. is launching a new COVID-19 monitoring program and expanding its occupational health staff.

The monitoring strategy includes ongoing, data driven COVID-19 testing of workers without symptoms, as well as those who exhibit symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has the virus.

According to a news release, the company has tested nearly a third of its workplace already and plans to test thousands of workers each week in all facilities.

“What we’re adopting is a strategic, ongoing approach to combating COVID-19,” said Donnie King, Tyson Foods group president and chief administrative officer. “It involves weekly testing of team members at our facilities to monitor for the presence of the virus. By using data science to test a statistically sound sample of team members, we have a better chance of staying ahead of any potential virus spread and protecting our teams and communities.”

The testing program includes three categories:

1. Strategic, always-on monitoring: Team members who have no symptoms may be selected for testing based on an algorithm-based selection process. The number tested each week will by dynamic and adjusted based on factors, such as the number of positive cases involving plant workers as well as people in the community.

2. Symptomatic team members: The company conducts health screenings daily as team members arrive for work. Those found to have symptoms will be tested.

3. Close contacts: Team members who have come into close contact with co-workers, or non-Tyson personnel in the workplace, who have symptoms or have tested positive will be tested.

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