More than 20 dogs removed from hoarding situation at Amarillo home

VIDEO: More than 20 dogs removed from hoarding situation at Amarillo home

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - More than 20 dogs have been removed from a hoarding situation at an Amarillo home.

Texas Panhandle Pet Savers took in 22 dogs that were removed from a home under what was described as bad conditions.

According to members that have volunteered with the organization for years, this is one of the worse cases they have seen.

Members at the Texas Panhandle Pet Savers believe the dogs are mixtures of chihuahuas and terriers. They vary in age ranging from six weeks to six years.

Currently, the puppies are with bottle feeders as many are anemic.

“Not well kept, some of them had ticks on them real bad, some of them were fighting over the food like they never had anything to eat,” said Tim Wolske, vetting coordinator with Texas Panhandle Pet Savers. “Besides the happy looking pups they are, they were just wanting to roam.”

The woman who had all of the dogs still has around 10 in her home and received over 20 citations for having animals at large, no rabies vaccinations and for the conditions of the dogs.

“When we see animals in this condition the first thing we look for is fleas and ticks. There were some that were so bad that were actually already bleeding.” said Jessica Mcleod, a foster at Texas Panhandle Pet Savers “We had to stop what we were doing with the other dogs so that they wouldn’t bleed out.”

The organization is happy to help the 22 dogs, but they say the dogs will require veterinary assistance, which will cost from $150 to $200 each.

The organization has opened a fundraiser on Facebook to try to raise the money they will need.

They are also in need of fosters who can take some of the dogs since they were already full before taking these dogs in.

The organization plans to have some of these dogs ready for people to adopt next Saturday.

If you would like to donate, foster, or adopt you can contact Texas Panhandle Pet Savers.

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