Window on a Wider World working to provide emotional support for students

CDC recommends masks in public settings

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Window on a Wider World and The Hope and Healing Place are working to provide social and emotional support for students during the pandemic.

There are six new programs that help identify personal strengths and provide coping mechanisms and activities that help process feelings and understand grief.

One of these programs has students build a time capsule for COVID-19.

“The Hope and Healing Place has resources that were seemingly designed for a time like this, but have been there all along,” said Catherine Meck, the executive director of WOWW. “In fact, this is what WOWW and our Learning Partners do year-round - provide learning experiences kids can’t always get in the classroom. The Hope and Healing Place can provide the perfect outlet for expressing a student’s emotions while providing coping skills to overcome this traumatic time.”

WOWW currently provides 160 programs that aim to inspire and create imagination, as well as ignite a passion for art, science, engineering, history, music, dance and more.

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