Countdown To Kickoff: Tascosa sets eyes on state championship

VIDEO: Countdown To Kickoff: Tascosa sets eyes on state championship

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Big shoes to fill is an understatement for Tascosa High School, but that won’t stop the Rebels from making a deep run into the playoffs for yet another season.

“Really, once you lose a guy, you gotta have somebody come in better, know how to replace them,” Tascosa Senior Linebacker Darius Sanders said. “They gotta come in here and do their job, because everybody has a part. 11 guys, 11 guys gotta play their part well. Once you lose a good player, you gotta come in here and be the best too.”

The Rebels went 10-4 last year and made it to the state quarterfinals before falling to Denton Guyer. This time around, the team plans on making 2020 a little different.

“I think this year is pretty special, because we’ve been knocking on the door two years in a row, quarterfinals, semifinals, and I think this year we have a good chance of knocking it down and getting that state championship ring,” Tascosa Junior Free Safety Major Everhart said.

In addition to making the switch from 6A to 5A and being in the same district with all four Amarillo ISD teams for the first time in decades, they’re also going to be without star players and current Texas Tech Red Raiders LB Moore and Joseph Plunk. However, it’s no concern for this stacked Rebels team.

“Just great energy, just positive all around,” Tascosa Junior Quarterback BT Daniel said. “This extra month I feel like is definitely going to help. I don’t know. I just feel like everybody is working extremely hard, and I feel like it’s going to pay off for during the season, especially when we’re making a long playoff run.”

For Daniel, his time watching a once in a generation type quarterback like Plunk has only made him better as he competes for this year’s starting quarterback role with fellow Rebel senior Ryan Barnett.

“He was just levelheaded no matter what,” Daniel said of Plunk. “We could be up by 20, or it could be a tight game, he’d have the same face. He’d talk to the guys the same. He would never get too emotional or too down on himself. Just stay levelheaded, and I feel like that was a great personality that he has. I hope that I’m able to be able to comprehend that going into this QB spot.”

As the team looks for their next quarterback, they’re also working on making sure every other aspect of this team is perfect.

“I mean, I think the main thing is maintaining energy,” Tascosa Head Coach Ken Plunk said. “That’s the thing we’ve done really well the last four or five years. We want to make sure we’re playing the best football at the right time. The right time is through your district schedule and all the way through the playoffs. When they delay things, we have to be really careful about doing too much right now. We’re going to lift, we’re going to do skills. We’re going to keep kids safe and everybody healthy, but we have to really pace ourselves and make sure the time when the real season gets here, that we’re playing the best football.”

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