Sod Dogs and Sod Squad play baseball trivia

Max Marusak and Rhett Maynard go head-to-head in baseball trivia

NewsChannel 10 Sports 7-26-20

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Former Amarillo High School baseball players Max Marusak and Rhett Maynard joined NewsChannel 10 Sports Anchor Claudia Faust in a game of baseball trivia.

Question 1. What year did the Chicago Cubs win their first World Series? Answer: 1907

Question 2. Who holds the all-time home run record? Answer: Barry Bonds

Question 3. Who was the 2019 National League MVP? Answer: Cody Bellinger

Question 4. Who won the 2019 Home Run Derby? Answer: Pete Alonso

Question 5. Who was the 2019 American League MVP? Answer: Mike Trout

Question 6. Who threw out the first pitch at the 2020 Nationals home opener? Answer: Dr. Anthony Fauci

Question 7. Before the Nationals became the Nationals, what team were they? Answer: Motreal Expos

Question 8. How many states have more than one MLB team? Answer: 8 (California, Missouri, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York)

Question 9. What was Mike Trouts 12-year extension worth? Answer: $430 million

Question 10. Who did the Sod Poodles beat in the Texas League Championships in 2019? Answer: Tulsa Drillers

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