Panhandle basketball stars come together to improve their game

VIDEO: BYC Elite Basketball looks to produce stars of tomorrow

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - West Texas may be known for high school football, but basketball is on the rise, and so is the local talent that is being produced.

“I just build the environment, I build a competitive environment,” BYC Elite Basketball Owner Austin Turner said. “They’re good players, good kids, you know, we got a pro here today, college players, a kid playing at Panhandle, some other kids that have played college basketball, so I really just build the environment and step back and watch them compete. They enjoy that, the kids like to compete and we let them do what they do.”

Turner started his program with a couple of purposes in mind, but one of the main reasons was to bring together passionate and talented basketball players in the area and help them get to the next level. It’s something many of these athletes haven’t had the opportunity to do a lot of with COVID-19 being the cause of tournaments being cancelled left and right. However, Turner also has another motive behind starting the business.

“You know, I love basketball” Turner said. “I always had people invest their time in me through basketball, and it’s something I enjoy doing. Just enjoy being in the gym with the guys.”

In any scenario, the “guys” could be high school stars like Amarillo’s Brendan Hausen or Chris Dees, or they could be a former Tascosa basketball star who has now gone pro in Italy.

Whoever is there, they are always trying to get better through their love for the game.

“I’m just trying to get better, playing with older guys, college guys, trying to elevate my game to the next level,” Hausen said. “It’s next level stuff, so it’s gotta translate to me going to the next level. So anytime I can go against a big like that, it’s definitely nice.”

For Zwencyl Upson, a professional basketball player in Trieste, Italy, he’s hoping the younger guys realize how important this program is to their careers.

“You know, the game is all about repetition,” Upson said. “Coaches wanna see shots knocked down, defense, team ball, communicating. You can only do that if you’re in the gym. It’s a great thing to get these guys together, playing with each other, playing with the best of talents in the 806 and giving them the opportunity to get better. Get eyes looked on them for colleges to get to the next level. I think it’s a big opportunity, it’s a blessing that he’s doing this right now. "

If you’re interested in joining BYC Elite Basketball, whether it’s to get better at the game or to compete with some of the best ball players in the area, you can contact Austin Turner at 505-410-9172 or head to his program’s website.

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