Countdown To Kickoff: ‘Be ready’ for the Amarillo Sandies

VIDEO: Countdown To Kickoff, Featuring the Amarillo Sandies

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Amarillo Sandies are it.

“Be ready, we’re coming,” Amarillo Senior Safety Trey Thomas said. “Amarillo High is definitely the team to watch this year.”

If you asked Head Coach Chad Dunnam last year during our Countdown To Kickoff series what the team needed to improve on most, it was getting bigger, especially on the lines.

This year, they’ve done just that, and now, they’re going to be unstoppable.

“I mean, we got a good group of kids,” Dunnam said. “Any time you work with good kids, it makes a special year. We have that group right now, strong leadership, chemistry is unique among this team. They really care about one another. They really care about their coaches, their coaches care about them. There’s just some chemistry there, that’s what’s exciting about this group.”

If you aren’t convinced by chemistry and leadership, be convinced by the precision passing of Will Maynard, the star quarterback coming off of a district MVP season.

Be convinced by their star wide receiver, Davin Lemmons, who has the hands of Odell Beckam Jr.

Be convinced by every other facet of the game that Amarillo is succeeding in.

They’re aiming to win districts this year with an abundance of talent and some of the best coaches in the Panhandle.

What’s unclear is how deep they’ll go into playoffs this year, but one thing is for sure. State is what’s on everyone’s mind, and time is running out for some of these players.

“There’s urgency,” Dunnam said. “We’ve talked about it. We’re the returning district champs. We always thought that was a big deal. It was a big deal to go through our district and win that championship. We’ve got that bullseye on our chest right now. There’s urgency about our ways. We expect to be there again, we expect to be in that position, but we’re ready to take the next step. You know, two rounds in the playoffs, we wanna get deeper into the playoffs. They’ve got a plan to play far in the playoffs. State championship, that’s a dream. That’s out there right now, and it’s obtainable, and it’s certainly in our sights.”

Just hours after learning they’ll have a season after all, the players are rejoicing and are ready to play because of everything the team has done to improve.

“It feels great,” Thomas said.” There was a lot of anticipation on whether we were going to get to play or not, just having that UIL announcement is a huge relief to all of us for sure.”

“This year, I would say our O-line,” Maynard said about what is most improved about this team. “We’re huge on the O-line, we got a lot of returners coming back on the O-line. We’ll be great there, and a lot of fast receivers.”

The Sandies finished 9-3 last year, but don’t be surprised if they put a goose egg in the loss column this year. This team is the real deal.

“Like they said previously, lots of returners,” Amarillo Senior Linebacker Braylon Milligan said about what makes this team special. “Coach Dunnam, he’s an aggressive person, and so we’re aggressive in practice. That’s just how we play. Oh, we’re coming. Our confidence is up there. Mine is up there, and we got a bullseye on us as well too.”

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