Tascosa coach discusses UIL announcement, going back to school

Tascosa coach discusses UIL announcement, going back to school
Tascosa fans cheer on the Rebels at a game (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Just a couple of hours following the UIL’s groundbreaking announcement regarding the state of high school sports in Texas, Tascosa football Head Coach Ken Plunk says he’s optimistic about life returning to a state of normalcy.

“My immediate reaction is positive because they actually came out with a plan they’re planning on having a season,” Plunk said. “It’s a little bit different because it’s split us with the smaller classifications, which I understand from the realities on the ground, that probably makes practical sense. It’s really, it’s gonna be interesting. I’m looking forward to it. And I think it does give us an opportunity with the extra month to kind of get things organized, and how to operate maybe in a different environment.”

Unlike most other schools in the Panhandle, Tascosa actually came out of this in a less chaotic fashion that most of his fellow area teams, mainly because the Rebels came down from 6A to 5A and wasn’t playing 4A teams to begin with.

“Yeah, we were we were fortunate as far as that was concerned, because we’re playing our four non districts or against six, eight schools,” Plunk said. “So their schedule changed exactly like mine where you run into a little bit of a problem. If you have some 4A’s scheduled, then it can be a problem with us. It was not an issue. We’re all playing the same. I don’t think there’s going to be really any major adjustments. we have to make.”

One issue that did arise though from 5A and 6A being pushed back is that now you have basketball overlapping with football in a more direct fashion.

“Yes, it ends up distorting basketball from a normal time, and it’s definitely gonna be way more overlap, and we really haven’t had enough time for me to really know. You know how to handle those situations, but it could adversely affects them to sport athletes,” Plunk said. “But I think Tascosa, we’re good at managing those things and we will make sure kids get the most out of their opportunities and get a chance to do things that, you know, help them fulfill their life, their goals.”

At the end of the day though, Plunk thinks the way this came together was rather impressive when you consider how many hands were in the pot at one time.

“Well, I mean, I’m sure it’s extremely difficult, particularly an unprecedented territory that we’re in right now,” Plunk said. “And the fact that, you know, you’re really looking at the state of Texas, it’s more like a European nation. I mean, we’re not. We’re huge from a geographic standpoint, or we have urban areas, we have suburban areas, we have rural areas, we have areas that have been affected tremendously by this outbreak and other areas that have been affected minimally. So I think that they had to probably put all that together while kind of walking a political tightrope between, you know, different factions. I think they’ve handled this admirably which I think the UIL handles things the best way they possibly can. So I’m pleased what they’ve done. I think they probably had to really, you know, intellectually stretch themselves to be able to do what they’re doing and I’m pleased they did with what they’re doing.”

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