Countdown To Kickoff: Booker Kiowas adjust to new head coach

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Booker Kiowas aren’t a perennial powerhouse team. They are a team though that is trying to build their way up to that of a winning program.

“Just trying to build it up so we can be more competitive,” Booker Head Coach Jonathan Lambright said. “We got a lot of varsity kids on our team with varsity experience. We just got to learn how to use it to build up and make sure that our culture is about doing one job at a time and just doing your job.”

It’s not going to happen overnight, or even necessarily this year, but what they can do is improve.

“Just hopefully try and win a couple of games,” Lambright said. “Last year was kind of rough, one and nine. Hopefully we can get three wins, maybe four wins this year, being a little better than it was last year.”

The idea of winning just three or four games might seem low, but there’s a purpose behind the strategy put in place by the first year head coach.

“Well it’s baby steps, so kids learn how to win,” Lambright said. “They won one game last year and didn’t build on it the next week, so we want to win this year and get the seniors ready for next year to win more, and just get everybody used to winning. They’ve been down for a couple of years, this way we can get everybody up.”

For this to succeed, the players need to buy into it too.

“Well, day by day, it’s just workouts, coming here, being on time, putting in the effort. It’s the little things like the technique, the practice, everything,” Booker Junior Quarterback Diego Hernandez said. “His culture, it’s a lot different than we are used to, so we’re adapting to that, and we’re trying to just break out.”

One big part of adapting is just getting down to work.

“I mean, it’s a lot of work, new playbook, no huddle this year, so we’re gonna have to be getting our butts strapped down and getting to work. It’s all it takes. " Hernandez said.

If everything goes as planned, Booker plans on being better than they were last year.

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