Countdown To Kickoff: Pampa Harvesters target Dumas Demons with new and improved defense


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Dumas Demons have terrorized the Pampa Harvesters for long enough. Now, it’s time for revenge.

As the team to beat this year coming off of an undefeated regular season, the Dumas Demons have a target on their back, and Pampa is trying to hit the bullseye.

“It’s not too much what we can do, it’s what we can do better,” Pampa senior running back Cornelius Landers said. “We can do a lot of stuff better, and I believe we can do that this year. A lot of good players on our team and a lot of good spots. I think we can for sure beat them this year, yes sir.”

The Pampa Harvesters finished last season with a 9-3 record and made it to the area round of the state playoffs before falling to Andrews 56-40.

This year, Head Coach Greg Poynor thinks his team can go much further, much harder.

“You know, last year, we were thinking, can we still beat this team. We ended up getting second and thinking we were as good as anybody,” he said. “And I think this year, our kids don’t feel like that. They feel like they got a little chip on their shoulder too and feel like we’ll play with any of the teams in our district, and I’m hoping that’s gonna be the difference for us.”

With an upgraded speedy secondary, the Harvesters are ready for the big cannons of quarterbacks Canyon’s Jay Defoor and Dumas’ Spencer Williams.

“I hate it when a team runs. I just wanna deflect and intercept the ball all day,” Pampa senior safety Jamal Johnson said.

The strategy to being lock down on defense is simple for Johnson. It’s confidence.

“Well really, it’s just team bonding mostly, like we’re all really close with each other and we all push each other,” he said. “So we don’t worry about ourselves. We worry about the guy next to us. It’s mostly just about that. Just pushing your teammates to be better, because whenever you’re confident, everybody else around is gonna be confident.”

However, a new and improved defense isn’t the only thing to be excited about when talking Pampa football.

The high scoring offense got better as well, with an experienced quarterback taking the snaps and an explosive running back finding the gaps.

“I’ve just gotten bigger and stronger,” Pampa senior quarterback Jack Studebaker said. “I’ve been throwing it really good lately, doing some camps and all that type of stuff, really working hard.”

“Our running backs really don’t have much hype coming into the season, but we make it like last year, Kaleb Caldwell and me, we make it work,” Landers said. “We compete better than everybody else, or compete with everybody else, so that’s just a big motivation to us, to our running back core and stuff, yes sir.”

The Harvesters finished second in their district last year, but don’t be surprised if they make a push for the top, because this group has it all.


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