Countdown To Kickoff: Nazareth Swifts

VIDEO: NewsChannel 10 Sports 7-13-20

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - For Nazareth football, the work that will put this team in the playoffs won;t take place on the football field. It’s in the weight room that this team will become contenders again.

“You know, we didn’t finish the year like wanted to,” Head Coach Steven Moore said of his team’s 5-4 finish last year. “Like everybody else, we got dinged up a little bit, we’re short on numbers by the end of the year, and so they’re hungry.”

And hungry is just the beginning. This team wants to get bigger and better.

“Because we all need to be stronger to play the six man game,” Nazareth Running Back Luke Betzen said. “It’s just faster and more physical.”

The Swifts missed the playoffs last year despite having an above-500 record. Something the Nazareth Basketball teams rarely miss. In fact, it happens so often that the area has developed a stigma for being a basketball town. However, Coach Moore is looking to make a statement arguing otherwise is year.

“I promise you the town of Nazareth is a football town during football season,” Moore said. “When the lights go on, they show up.”

To help make Nazareth a football town, his players are doing everything in their power to raise expectations.

“I think just try to out-hustle everybody, just try to work as hard as you can,” Nazareth Tight End Aidan Moore said. “And it starts [in the weight room].”

Other players also have higher goal beyond making the town revolve around football. They want a state title.

“I guess the ultimate goal of the season is to make it to states. But I think this year, [we] really just [want to] make it to playoffs, make it to round two or three. Something like that would be pretty good,” Nazareth leader Tye Schulte said.”

At the end of the day though, until the first play is ran, all focus is on what happens off the field.

“The weigh room gets you to become a better athlete,” Moore said. “It does not matter what sport you’re in. You can always find many different exercises that make you a better athlete, and while the grind of the actual sport is very important during the season, during the off-season, sometimes you need to get away from that sport, give it a little breather. You can always improve yourself by getting in the weight room and running and all of that good stuff.”

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