NMAA discusses decision to postpone football, soccer seasons for 2021 school year

VIDEO: NMAA discusses decision to postpone football, soccer seasons for 2021 school year

SANTA FE, N.M (KFDA)- NewsChannel 10 Sports had the opportunity to speak with the New Mexico Activities Association regarding their decision to postpone the fall sports seasons.

Executive Director of the NMAA Sally Marquez says this will not impact those students that wish to play multiple sports though.

“Well, there will not be a whole overlap of the season,” Marquez said. “The overlap may be two weeks from one season to another, but we are going to have to shorten our season, and that’s every single sport. We’re not going to be able to play the whole three and a half, four month season. We’re going to have to shrink that for everybody and go into a 10, 11 week type season for the sports. We’re looking at especially small schools to make sure that overlap isn’t very much, because they share those athletes from one sport to another.”

Due to time restrictions brought on by the pandemic, full seasons won’t be possible for the fall or spring sports, but students will get to compete, which is the goal. The plan for allowing students to compete will be made available by the state and the NMAA sometime next week, Marquez said.

“I am very much confident and hopeful that football will work in the model that we have, and soccer, moving it over to that beginning of spring, end of winter type time frame,” she said. “Our goal is to make sure that every kid participates in the sport that they love during the 2021 school year, so we’re going to make that happen and do the best that we can for the kids.”

The NMAA has had to make the decision to postpone the season just weeks before the seasons were scheduled to begin.

“You know, what is right, what is wrong, those are the words I probably wouldn’t use,” Marquez said. “Things are ever changing. One week, the cases are down, the next week they’re up. It’s so fluid, this thing, since March, since we shut down schools in March, it’s been a rollercoaster. I know it’s been a rollercoaster for government officials as well. So what’s right, what’s wrong, I don’t think there’s ever a right answer for that, but the decision has been made. Now we’re going to go forward and be positive, and make sure that kids have a good, solid experience next year.”

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