Amarillo Sod Dogs take game two against Texarkana Twins

Sod Dogs beat Texarkana Twins 7 to 3 on Wednesday night.

VIDEO: NewsChannel 10 Sports 7-8-20

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Ahead of Wednesday night’s matchup against the Texarkana Twins, Amarillo Sod Dogs infielder Enrique Porchas said confidence would be key to a win.

“I think we’re already a pretty confident team, but [scoring 21 runs] just helps boost that confidence,” said Porchas.

The Sod Dogs’ confidence and momentum was electric facing a tough Texarkana Twins team.

In the bottom of the 5th inning with two runners on base, catcher Kurtis Byrne hit a three-run homer giving the Sod Dogs a 6 to 1 lead.

Amarillo’s defense proved to be as successful as the offense. The most memorable defensive play of the night belongs to Byrne as well, who threw out a runner on second after a failed hit and run.

The Sod Dogs posted zero errors while the Twins posted two errors on the night.

The Texarkana Twins will look to win their first game of the three-game series tomorrow while the Sod Dogs are looking to earn the sweep.

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