Amarillo ISD begins in-person summer school classes

VIDEO: Amarillo ISD begins in-person summer school classes

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo ISD has been doing summer school virtually since June.

However, last month was focused on teaching the students who were behind on spring classes due to the pandemic.

This month, the number of summer school students is lower and in-person classes are beginning.

“In July, we are working with some of our students who failed some of our courses or who still need to complete. We thought that July would give us a little bit of time to kind of see how the pandemic went and what would be better safety measures for us,” said Sandy Whitlow, assistant superintendent for Amarillo ISD middle schools.

Testing out some of those safety measures now with in-person classes, Whitlow says summer school is giving them a good indication of what to expect next month for the beginning of the new school year.

“In our high schools, our students have been one to one, so they are used to virtual instruction. So many of our high school students have opted to go ahead and do some of the virtual instruction,” said Whitlow.

However, AISD is noticing the exact opposite effect on their younger students.

“Most of the time, our elementary students do prefer to be face to face, and I think this summer gives us that same indication that they enjoy, being face to face with their teachers,” said Whitlow.

AISD is seeing fewer students attend summer school than in the past.

Whitlow says it is because the STAAR test is not required this year.

“We did not have state testing during in the spring, it was waived. We did not have any state testing. Often in summer school, we also serve students who didn’t pass the state assessments, and we’re serving them and giving them another opportunity. We usually do another testing in July,” said Whitlow.

AISD says they are following all state guidelines when it comes to protecting against COVID-19.

This means sanitation is heightened, and all teachers and students, who meet the age requirement, participating in in-person classes will be wearing masks.

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