“We’re trying to say thank you”: Church serves meals to those on the front lines

VIDEO: Amarillo church doing acts of kindness during the pandemic

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The staff at one Amarillo church are going out of their way to help those they’ve never met during a time of uncertainty.

Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Amarillo has not been immune to the effects of the pandemic.

Their church is now covered in caution tape for social distancing and attendees wear masks.

Even so, staff members are going out of their way to serve others by doing acts of kindness.

“We’ve been trying to bring a little bit of sunshine if you will, or a bright spot in somebody’s day, by surprising them with a meal from St. Thomas as a way of affirming, as a way of saying thank you and hopefully modeling kindness in the community,” said St. Thomas’ Father John Valdez.

They have already delivered food to several places.

“We’ve been to United [Supermarkets], we’ve been to Amarillo Heart Group, a police department, a fire station,” said Julie Jones, parish life coordinator at St. Thomas.

They are delivering food as a way thanking those who may not receive the praise they deserve.

“Most of the people we are targeting are working really hard and might be underappreciated,” said Father John. “So we’re trying to say thank you and to let people know we know you’re there, and we appreciate you.”

They even delivered a meal to NewsChannel10, where they didn’t know a camera would capture their good deed.

Father John says the outreach is important now more than ever.

“The connection with people, you know, since we’re separated by the distance and having to stay home. A lot of times, just to be able to connect with people and for them to know somebody’s thinking about you,” he said.

“Everyone seems to love it,” said Jones. “We’ve received some really nice thank you notes. It’s just nice for people to know that someone is paying attention, and we have inspired others to be thankful and reciprocate and pass it along which is nice.”

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