‘It’s not fair’: Amarillo business owners react to new mask mandate

VIDEO: Amarillo Businesses react to mask mandate

Now businesses are stuck in the middle in this divisive issue while still trying to survive economically.

The mask mandate is for counties, including Potter and Randall, that have more than 20 active cases.

When the order went into effect last Friday at Noon, many businesses put out “mask required” signs.

“We have our employees wear masks, and when customers come in, we have a sign at the door and we ask people to wear masks for our protection and for theirs. We don’t mind wearing masks if it will keep our doors open, and we want everyone to be healthy and stay healthy.” said Jan Brosier, owner of Top Notch Outfitters.

However, not everyone feels the same as the issue has divided the nation.

Bob Lile is the owner of an art gallery on 6th street and says the masks are not fair to the struggling businesses.

“Yeah I know people who have had it, some of them get a ill but I don’t require masks. Some places do, if I go out, and some place requires it then I’ll put it on,” said Lile. “I won’t be nasty about it like some people, but it’s not fair for the businesses. You have to take care of businesses.”

Aside from local businesses, Westgate Mall has said they will also be enforcing the mandate, however, it will be up to individual businesses to require the face coverings inside the store.

The City of Amarillo has also said they will continue complying with the state-wide order.

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